Dry-cured unsmoked streaky bacon

Free-range streaky bacon, unsmoked

At Garlic Wood we hand cure all our own bacon using locally farmed free-range pork before drying and slicing as thick cut rind-on rashers. The result is bacon with a flavour and texture unlike anything else. You wont find any water or white residue in the pan when you cook our bacon, and the rasher will keep its shape rather than shrivelling away to nothing. 

This simple unsmoked streaky bacon is cured fr0m the belly of locally farmed free-range pigs. The extra fat and rind make it perfect for anyone who loves their bacon crispy, and its equally good as an ingredient for covering/wrapping roasts and chopping into sauces, stews, casseroles and pies.

Sold in multiples of 250g (average 8-10 rashers) or 500g (average 16-20 rashers).




Ingredients: min 90% free-range pork, sea salt, cane sugar, preservative E250. allergens: none


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