Grass-fed beef Denver steak

The Denver is a well kept secret. Cut from a muscle in the forequarter of the animal it sits on top of the chuck primal. This robust, densely grained and marbled cut is perfectly suited to a simple season and sear cooking on the barbecue. Cook whole and slice to serve after allowing to rest. Fantastic served with a salsa verde or Argentinian-style Chimichuri sauce.

All our beef is sourced from farmers dedicated to producing high-welfare grass-fed beef of the best quality. We work with farmers who specialise in utilising our native beef breeds and are committed to farming in harmony with the environment. We dry-age all our beef on the bone for 4wks prior to butchery and it is this combination of breed, diet and traditional dry-ageing that gives the beef its unrivalled flavour.

Our Denver steaks are cut fresh to order and sold in 225g portions.




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