Grass-fed beef steak mince

The ultimate 'go to' staple for an endless number of dishes. Take a pack of mince from the freezer and make a midweek chilli, lasagne or even some hand-made burgers. 

What makes our beef mince so good?

Slow-maturing, native-breed beef raised on a natural grass-fed diet is packed with Omega-3s and essential vitamins and minerals. As well as being good for you our beef mince comes from livestock reared in the highest welfare farm systems. All our beef comes from animals farmed by our carefully selected network of three small-scale, sustainable and ethical farms. 

We know our farm partners by name, and we work with them because they share our commitment to welfare and quality. All the cattle are free-range, slow-maturing and grass-fed. These animals are farmed within regenerative farm systems managed by farmers dedicated to the improvement of the soil, the landscape and the wider farmed environment.

Once the farmers have done their bit we dry-age all our beef on the bone for 4weeks prior to butchery. Because we do this our mince has all the rich flavour of any of our prime cuts of grass-fed beef. Standard commercially produced mince is cut and packed while fresh, but we firmly believe that just because its a good-value day-to-day staple that doesn't mean it shouldn't be every bit as good quality as any other cut of beef.


Available in 500g or 1kg portions




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