Pigs in blankets

Free-range pork chipolatas wrapped in unsmoked streaky bacon

We make all our pigs in blankets by hand, individually wrapping a full-sized chipolata in a rasher of our own home-cured streaky bacon. They are a perfect meaty accompaniment to your Christmas roast as well as being a tasty treat in their own right!

Pigs in blankets are sold in multiples of 6. 

Also available as gluten free (select from menu options below).



Standard mix ingredients: Min 85% free-range pork. Breadcrumb with wheatflour, Sslt, wheat flour, spices, dried onion, herbs, flavour enhancer e621, stabilisers e450, preservative e221, dextrose, antioxidant e300, spice extracts. Allergens: Gluten (wheat), SO2

Gluten free mix ingredients: Min 90% free-range pork. Salt, Sage, Thyme, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Preservative: E223, Dextrose, Stabiliser E450, E451, Sodium Citrate E331, Spice Extracts, Herb Extract. Allergens: SO2

Streaky bacon ingredients: min 90% pork, sea salt, cane sugar, preservative e250. Allergens: none