Grass-fed beef onglet steak

The onglet or, as its sometimes known, the hanger steak is a rare treat. This cut is actually classed as offal and is often overlooked in favour of the more recognisable steak cuts. The hanger muscle is loosely grained and with a texture similar to bavette. The two halves of the steak are joined by a tough membrane which is removed during the butchery process to leave a slender, lean and dark coloured steak. It has tons of flavour and is perfectly suited to a quick flash-fry before being roughly cut across the grain and served rare with a simple accompaniment of salad and crispy fries. 

Because there are only a couple of steaks on every animal the onglet is something of an occasional bonus. If you see it available snap it up it before its gone - you wont be dissapointed!

Our onglet steaks are cut fresh to order and sold in 200g portions.




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