Traditional and mildly flavoured  chipolata sausages made with free-range Sussex-farmed pork.

Made using prime cuts of shoulder and belly of free-range pork, our sausages are meaty and packed with herby flavour. We make and link them all by hand at our butchery.

Our Chipolatas are the perfect accompaniment to a roast dinner or as part of a breakfast. kids love the mild flavour and smaller size is perfect for providing child-sized portions without compromising on quality.

Our chipolatas are sold in 380g packs (average 10 chipolatas). They are packaged in plant-based compostable packaging



Ingredients: Min 80% free-range pork. breadcrumb (wheat, Gluten) Salt, raising agent e503, stabiliser e450, dextrose, preservative e221 (sulphites), spices, flavour enhancer e621, e635 .