Cider, honey & juniper cured gammon boneless

The ultimate boxing day cold-cut. One of our home-cured cider, honey and juniper gammons will make a stunning centre-piece for any family meal.

Perfect served whole, glazed and studded with cloves before being sliced and accompanied by an autumn-fruits chutney. Guests will be sneaking back to snaffle slices long after the Christmas celebrations have finished! 

Our boneless gammons are available whole (min 6kg), half (min 3kg) or in 2kg and 2.5kg variations.

Please note all our gammons are sold uncooked. The photo shows one of our  boneless gammons cooked and glazed to make a cold-cut ham.



ingredients: min 90% pork, salt, cider, honey, juniper, bay leaves, pickling spices, preservative e250, allergens: SO2 (in cider)