Large slow-grown free-range chicken. Whole, jointed or spatchcocked for the barbecue. To feed 5-6 people. Includes giblets


Lean diced chunks of breast and thigh meat from slow-grown free-range chicken


free range chicken breast

Boneless free-range chicken breasts. Lean, meaty & versatile


Dense and succulent brown leg meat


free range chicken carcass

fresh free-range chicken carcasses. Ideal as a base for stocks, soups and for a healthy bone broth.


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Succulent and intensely flavoured free-range duck with giblets


Free-range chicken spatchcocked & marinated for the BBQ. Choose from 4 delicious flavours


4 x diced chicken breast skewers in a herby Italian marinade. Gluten and prervative free.


4 chicken breast skewers in a Portuguese spicy tomato and herb marinade. Gluten and preservative free.


4 free-range chicken breast skewers in a lemon and lime herb marinade. Gluten and preservative free.


leg of lamb

Whole or half leg of lamb on the bone.


Butterflied leg of lamb. BBQ, marinade or stuff & roast.


Bone-in half or whole shoulder of lamb from Saddlescombe Farm in the heart of the South Downs


Centre-piece lamb shoulder 'cushion' joint


Individual meaty lamb shanks


Tender and sweetly flavoured lamb loin cutlets


Tender and delicately flavoured loin roasting joint


Individually cut lamb double-loin chops


Lean, sweet and tender chunks of diced lamb leg


Boneless leg steak of Saddlescombe Farm pasture-fed lamb.


Delicately flavoured lamb mince


Perfect for curries, tagines, casseroles and stews


2 aromatic and herby 6oz lamb burgers. Gluten free.


4 skewers of tender and succulent lamb leg in a citrus marinade. Gluten and preservative free.


4 skewers of lean lamb leg chunks in a classic mint marinade. Gluten and preservative free.


Whole or half leg of pasture-fed mutton


Whole or half shoulder of 3-week aged mutton


Diced lean mutton. Perfect for curries and stews


individually cut mutton loin chops


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A selection of high-welfare Rose Veal from Hayes Grange Farm in West Sussex


Richly flavoured grass-fed & dry-aged beef mince. An everyday favourite.


Chunks of lean braising beef for pies, stews and casseroles


Grass-fed, dry-aged beef braising steak, cut in slices.


Rich and meaty beef shin. Off the bone and sliced or diced


Individual slices of intensely flavoured shin-of-beef, on the bone


Dry-aged rib of grass-fed beef. The king of roasting joints.


Loin of beef on the bone for roasting


Rolled rib of grass-fed beef. A centre-piece to grace any dinner table


Loin of beef joint for an indulgent roast


Deeply flavoured and tender dry-aged beef rump roasting joint


35day-aged grass-fed silverside for braising or a slow roast


Classic Sunday-roast beef topside joint. 35-day dry aged for flavour and tenderness.


Brisket of grass-fed beef. Left flat for hot-smoking & barbecuing


Rolled brisket of grass-fed beef. Ideal for a nourishing slow-cooked pot-roast.


2 ground steak burgers. Simply seasoned with sea salt & cracked black pepper


Cut from the loin of our grass-fed dry-aged beef


Flavoursome dry-aged rump steak. Perfect for the barbecue


Marbled and richly flavoured grass-fed rib eye steaks


Rib eye on the bone to barbecue or pan-sear and roast


Densely grained and marbled frying steak from the forequarter


Lean and flavoursome grass-fed beef onglet steak. Perfect served rare with salad and chips


Marbled and richly flavoured steak from the forequarter


Richly flavoured steak for frying and braising


Delicate, marbled and supremely tender steak


Whole fillet of dry-aged beef for roasting


Perfect for a show-stopping beef wellington


The ultimate in decadent sharing steaks


Succulent and intensely flavoured beef short ribs. Slow cook and enjoy with a rich sticky marinade


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Grass-fed beef oxtail. Packed full of flavour and perfect for a nutritious stew


Grass-fed beef bones. Perfect for making stock and bone broth


Hand-made free-range Breakfast Sausage. Delicately spiced


Hand-made free-range Old English sausages. Our best seller


Hand-made free-range pork, sage, and thyme sausages. Gluten free.


Hand-made free-range pork, red onion and balsamic vinegar sausages. No gluten


Free-range hand-made Pork & Leek sausages. Gluten Free


Hand-made free-range mildly herby Chipolata sausages


free range sausage meat

1lb tubes of pork, sage and thyme sausage-meat. Perfect for stuffing mixes and sausage roll fillings


Free-range bacon cured then smoked


Free-range rind-on back bacon. Classic unsmoked flavour, thick cut slices


free-range rind-on streaky. Thick cut and perfect for a crispy bacon roll


Smoky and intense dry-cured rind-on streaky bacon


Thick cut rashers of treacle cured bacon cut from the pork collar


Free-range dry-cured back bacon with fennel for a hint of aniseed


Rich, dark back bacon with a hint of smoky treacle flavours


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Hand-made free-range Fennel & pepper sausages. Gluten Free


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Free-range pork chipolatas individually wrapped in our own home-cured streaky bacon


Pork loin roasting joint


Our take on the classic Italian streetfood favourite


Succulent free-range pork loin on the bone


Boneless free-range leg of pork for roasting


Pork belly on the bone. Whole or cut into slices


Rich pork belly roasting joint with crackling


Boneless chunks of lean diced free-range pork


Delicately flavoured minced leg & shoulder of pork


Delicate and tender fillet of free-range pork


Tender, lean boneless loin steaks.


Marbled shoulder steaks of free-range pork


Perfect for pulled pork or a long slow roast


Cider, honey and juniper cured gammon hock. Ideal for terrines, soups as well as roasting and boiling


free-range ham

Boneless free-range cider, honey and juniper-cured gammon joint. Whole, half or individual sizes


The ultimate cold-cut joint. Whole free-range gammon joint on the bone.


The ultimate cold-cut joint. half-leg of free-range gammon on the bone.


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Boneless roasting joint of tender lamb leg


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Quick-roast boneless lamb rump joint


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Sausages made from lamb shoulder with an apricot and rosemary seasoning. Gluten free.


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Rich, deeply flavoured mutton mince.


Stock up with a 5kg selection of 100% grass-fed, dry-aged beef.


Stock up with a premium 10kg selection of 100% grass-fed, dry-aged beef.


Sample our range of grass-fed dry-aged steaks


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Grass-fed brisket joint cured in our house-blend of aromatic pickling spices


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Wild pheasant. Prepared and oven ready for simple roasting or for a hearty pot-roast


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5kg selection of pasture-fed Saddlescombe Farm lamb


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