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    whole free-range chicken breast, stuffed with our 100% natural pork and wild garlic sausage-meat and wrapped in bacon.


    High-welfare free-range chicken with giblets. Slow-grown, free-roaming and packed with flavour. Available from 1.5kg  – 5kg


    High-welfare, slow-grown, free-range spatchcock chicken. 2kg whole chicken butterflied and scored ready to marinade for the barbecue


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    Slow-grown, high-welfare, free-range jointed chicken. 2.25kg whole chicken portioned into 8 chunky bone-in pieces.


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    Succulent and intensely flavoured free-range large duck with giblets. Perfect simply roasted or portioned to create a range of meals


    free range chicken breast

    high-welfare slow-grown, free-range chicken breast. Lean, meaty & versatile


    Carefully trimmed chunks of diced breast meat from high-welfare, slow-grown, free-range chicken


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    Dense and succulently flavoured brown meat. Cut from truly free-range, high-welfare, slow-grown chicken


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    Free-range boneless chicken crown stuffed with sage and thyme sausage meat and wrapped in bacon 


    600g pack of 6 large chicken wings. Perfect for quick roasting, barbecuing, or to make stocks and gravies


    free range chicken carcass

    2 large free-range high-welfare chicken carcasses with neck bones. Ideal as a base for stocks, soups or a healthy bone broth.


    250g pack of slow-grown, free-range chicken livers. Great for making pâté, terrines or lightly fried.


    1kg of free-range chicken wings in a Cajun-inspired marinade. Perfect barbecue finger food.


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    Whole spatchcock crown of free-range chicken in a spicy chipotle chilli marinade.


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    Fillet of free-range pork stuffed with sage and thyme sausage-meat and wrapped in streaky bacon


    2 whole racks of free-range pork ribs in a Cajun spiced rub. Marinated and ready to cook or barbecue


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    Fillet-end half leg of pasture-fed lamb, on the bone.


    leg of lamb

    Whole leg of pasture-fed lamb on the bone. The classic lamb roasting joint.


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    Boneless roasting joint of tender lamb leg.


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    Butterflied leg of lamb. BBQ, marinade or stuff & roast.


    Half bone-in shoulder of dry-aged lamb farmed in the heart of the South Downs


    Whole bone-in shoulder of dry-aged lamb farmed in the heart of the South Downs


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    Centre-piece boneless whole lamb shoulder. Expertly prepared as a cushion joint for roasting and easy carving.


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    Boneless butterflied lamb shoulder. Ideal for marinating and cooking on the barbecue


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    Individual meaty lamb shanks. Perfect for long slow braising


    7-bone French-trimmed rack of lamb. Tender and sweetly flavoured lamb loin cutlets


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    Tender and delicately flavoured boneless lamb loin roasting joint to feed 4-5


    Individually cut lamb double-loin, or ‘Barnsely’ chops


    Lean, sweet and tender chunks of diced lamb leg. A versatile cut perfect for curries, casseroles, kebabs, stews and tagines


    Boneless leg steak of Saddlescombe Farm pasture-fed lamb.


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    Delicately flavoured lamb mince made exclusively from prime cuts of leg and shoulder meat


    Whole lamb neck fillet. Perfect for curries, tagines, casseroles and stews


    Boneless lamb rump joint. Tender and sweetly flavoured.


    300g of carefully trimmed and sliced lambs liver. Packed with nutrients and richly flavoured 


    4 aromatic and herby lamb burgers, packed with the flavour of fresh coriander, rosemary and garlic. 100% natural


    Aromatic and spicy North African-inspired lamb sausages. Perfect for the barbecue. 100% natural 


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    Sausages made from prime cuts of lamb with an apricot and rosemary seasoning. 100% natural


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    Whole or half leg of pasture-fed mutton from Saddlescombe Farm


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    Whole or half shoulder of 3-week aged mutton from Saddlescombe Farm


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    Diced lean mutton. Perfect for curries and stews


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    2  thick-cut Saddlescombe Farm mutton loin chops


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    Rich, deeply flavoured mutton mince.


    Richly flavoured 100% pasture-fed & dry-aged beef mince. An everyday favourite.


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    An 80% / 20% mix of pasture-fed beef steak mince fortified with nutrient-dense beef liver. 


    Tender chunks of 100% pasture-fed beef skirt steak. Ideal for pies, chilli or as a traditional pasty filling


    Chunks of lean pasture-fed braising beef for pies, stews and casseroles


    Pasture-fed, dry-aged beef braising steak, carefully trimmed and diced. Ideal for braising or perfect for the ultimate home-made steak pie.


    Rich and meaty boneless pasture-fed beef shin. Available sliced or diced. Perfect for a rich and warming stew.


    Beef Osso Bucco. Individual slices of intensely flavoured shin-of-beef, on the bone


    Dry-aged rib of pasture-fed beef. The king of roasting joints. available as 2, 3 and 4-bone joints


    Bone-in loin of pasture-fed, dry-aged beef, Choose from 1 or 2 bone joint.


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    Rolled rib of grass-fed beef. A centre-piece to grace any dinner table


    Rolled loin of grass-fed beef. Ideal for an indulgent Sunday roast.


    Deeply flavoured and tender dry-aged beef rump roasting joint


    Classic Sunday-roast beef topside joint. 35-day dry aged for flavour and tenderness.


    Brisket of grass-fed beef. Left flat for hot-smoking & barbecuing


    Rolled brisket of grass-fed beef. Ideal for a nourishing slow-cooked pot-roast.


    4 steak burgers. Simply seasoned with sea salt, cracked black pepper and beef bone-marrow. 100% natural


    Succulent sirloin steak, cut from the loin of pasture-fed 35 day dry-aged beef.


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    Flavoursome dry-aged, pasture-fed rump steak. Perfect for the barbecue


    Marbled and richly flavoured pasture-fed, dry-aged rib eye steaks


    Rib eye on the bone to barbecue or pan-sear and roast


    Densely grained and marbled frying steak from the forequarter


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    Lean and flavoursome grass-fed beef onglet steak. Perfect served rare with salad and chips


    Marbled and richly flavoured steak from the forequarter


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    Richly flavoured steak for frying and braising


    Delicate, marbled and supremely tender steak. Cut to a generous 225g (8oz) size


    Whole fillet of grass-fed dry-aged beef, carefully trimmed and cut to 1.8kg minimum size


    The ultimate in decadent sharing steaks


    1kg piece of dry-aged pasture-fed beef fillet. Perfect for a show-stopping beef wellington. 


    1kg pack of succulent and intensely flavoured beef short ribs. Slow cook and enjoy with a rich sticky marinade


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    100% pasture-fed beef cheeks. Ideal for long, slow braising 


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    Grass-fed beef oxtail. Packed full of flavour and perfect for a nutritious stew


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    300g of pasture-fed beef liver, trimmed and thinly sliced. Packed with nutrients and richly flavoured 


    High-welfare grass-fed beef stock bones. Cut from the knuckle section. Perfect for making stock and richly nutritious bone broth


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    Full length ‘canoe-cut’ grass-fed beef marrow bone. Perfect to roast or to make bone-marrow steak burgers


    Minced pasture-fed beef suet. Ideal for pastries, puddings and as an ingredient in traditional Christmas mincemeat


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    Whole grass-fed beef tongue brine-cured using our own recipe traditional pickling spice blend.  


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    Grass-fed brisket joint cured in our house-blend of aromatic pickling spices


    Hand-made free-range Chipolata sausages. Simply seasoned and 100% natural


    NEW RECIPE! Free-range classic breakfast sausage delicately seasoned with coriander, allspice and ginger. 100% natural


    Hand-made free-range pork sausages packed with aromatic fresh sage and thyme. 100% natural


    Our seasonal favourite. Free-range pork sausages seasoned with fresh wild garlic. 100% natural


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    Free-range hand-made pork sausages bursting with the flavour of freshly cut leek. 100% natural


    Classic coarse-cut Toulouse sausage. Perfect in stews and traditional cassoulet. 100% natural


    Prime cuts of free-range pork seasoned with our blend of fennel, cracked black pepper and fresh garlic. 100% natural


    free range sausage meat

    Pork, sage and thyme sausage-meat for stuffing mixes and sausage roll fillings. 100% natural


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     Thick sliced 100% natural nitrate-free back bacon. Cured from high-welfare free-range pork.


    High-welfare free-range back bacon, dry-cured then delicately smoked.


    Free-range rind-on back bacon. Classic unsmoked flavour, thick cut slices


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    8-10 rashers of our 100% natural nitrate-free streaky bacon. Cured using high-welfare free-range pork


    High-welfare free-range streaky bacon. Thick cut and perfect for a crispy bacon roll