Pasture-fed beef topside joint

The classic Sunday roast joint. Our topside is aged on the bone for 35days before butchery. This dedication to the traditional process of dry-aging ensures our topside has the flavour and tenderness to allow it to be served beautifully pink. With a herb and mustard crust, crisp roasties and a towering Yorkshire pudding this joint will make the perfect roast dinner. 

Choose from 1kg, 2kg, or 3kg joints

This joint is delivered frozen. All our locally-farmed pasture-fed beef is aged on the bone for 35days. When it is ready it is expertly butchered, packed, and immediately frozen to ensure that it reaches our customers in perfect condition. Once delivered it can either be placed straight into the freezer or allowed to defrost fully in the fridge before cooking. Once defrosted it should be cooked within 7days. Any dish cooked with this joint is safe to refreeze.




  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Pasture-fed

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