Shin of pasture-fed beef boneless

Create an exquisitely rich stew with chunks of 100% pasture-fed beef shin. Cut from locally farmed, pasture-fed beef, aged on the bone for 3 weeks.

Beef shin is packed with gelatin which breaks down with long slow cooking to give the dish a velvety smooth texture and complex meaty flavours. Fantastic on a winter's day with a glass of red wine.

Sold in 500g portions. Choose from diced or whole slices

This product is supplied frozen. After ageing our beef on the bone for 3 weeks we carefully trim, pack and freeze the shin so that it arrives in perfect condition. When unpacked it can be placed straight into the freezer or allowed to defrost fully in the fridge before cooking. Once defrosted it should be cooked within 5 days. Any dish made with the shin is perfectly safe to freeze.




  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Pasture-fed

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