Flat brisket of grass-fed beef

Brisket of dry-aged grass-fed beef left in the piece. 

This cut of meat is perfect for those who take their barbecue seriously! The dense texture, rich marbling, and covering of creamy grass-fed fat makes the brisket a robust and flavoursome cut when slow-cooked or hot smoked whole. Set aside a few hours to create a rub or marinade. Generously coat the brisket and leave the uncooked joint to take on the flavours of the herbs and spices. Wrap it in foil and place within the enclosed smoke section of your barbecue, away from the most intense heat, and leave it slowly to cook - whilst it marinating in the melting fat and absorbs all those smoky bbq flavours. Finish the brisket unwrapped to give it the perfect charring and caramelisation before roughly shredding and sharing. 

All our brisket comes from slow-maturing grass-fed cattle. We age it on the bone for 4weeks before carefully prepping it, and whilst we do trim it we like to leave just the right amount of natural fat covering to allow for the perfect juicy barbecue cut.

Available as a 2kg or 3kg joint, generously serving 5-6 or 7-9 people




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