Dry-aged grass-fed beef ribeye steak

By far our most popular steak! Marbled ribeye steak from the forerib muscle of our grass-fed and dry-aged beef. The ribeye has more fat around and through the muscle than the other steaks, making it moist and full of flavour. This fat makes it ideally suited to cooking to medium or medium-well, or cut extra thick and cooked on the barbecue so that the outside is charred and crispy.

All our beef is sourced from our carefully selected network of three partner farms. The animals are free-range, slow-maturing and allowed to feed on a natural grass-based diet. We choose to work with farmers who are committed to rearing livestock within non-intensive, regenerative farm systems - farmers who take seriously their role as environmental custodians.

This stunning grass-fed ribeye steak is the perfect advert for our belief that we can all eat ethically and eat better.

Choose from 8, 10 or 12oz steaks... or larger pieces - perfect to barbecue whole and share 




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