Pork fillet

Whole tenderloin of free-range pork.

This is the sweetest and tenderest part of the pig. The tenderloin, or fillet, is lean, densely textured and supremely soft.

Carefully trimmed and ideal for cutting into medallions to pan-fry or for marinating before searing and roasting. It is also an excellent cut to butterfly and stuff before wrapping in bacon and roasting.

Our pork fillets are sold individually. Each one is a minimum of 300g and serves 2-3 people.

This product is carefully prepared from locally farmed free-range pork and then fresh-frozen to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. Once your delivery arrives it can be placed straight into the freezer, or removed from its packaging and allowed to defrost thoroughly in the fridge before cooking. 



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  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

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