5kg Saddlescombe Farm Lamb selection Box

A 5kg selection of stunning pasture-fed English lamb. Our lamb is reared by farmers Camilla and Roly Puzey on the National Trust-owned Saddlescombe Farm in the heart of the South Downs National Park. The lamb is free to roam and graze the wildflower-rich meadows of this unique habitat giving the meat a delicate sweetness. 

This box contains a mixture of roasting joints, chops, diced and minced lamb. We age all our lamb for at least 1 week prior to butchery to allow the flavour and tenderness to develop fully.

Photo is for illustration only and does not show full contents of featured box.

5 kg pasture-fed lamb selection box contents (minimum 5kg total box weight. Individual item weights and sizes are approximate):

  • bone-in half leg of lamb roasting joint - 1.25kg
  • bone-in half shoulder of lamb roasting joint - 1.2kg
  • 4 lamb loin chops - 480g
  • rolled breast of lamb - 500g
  • 4 x 6oz lamb, rosemary, garlic and coriander burgers - 680g
  • 400g diced lean lamb
  • 500g lamb mince


Lamb burger ingredients: Min 80% lamb, rosemary, coriander, salt, garlic, potato starch, rice flour, preservative e223 (sulphites), dextrose, stabiliser e450 e451, e131, spices, herbs.