Game-hung free-range capon

Free-range slow-grown capon with giblets. Dry-aged for 7 days for extra flavour.

Our free-range capons are farmed in Sussex on a small family-owned farm. They have freedom to roam, full access to plenty of outdoor space as well as indoor shelter. They are fed a natural diet, free of growth hormones, antibiotics and are allowed to mature slowly. As well as being ethical this high-welfare approach to rearing results in a chicken with a flavour a world away from the bland and tasteless produce typical of more intensive poultry farming systems.

For anyone looking for an alternative to turkey at Christmas these large capons will feed the whole family and make an excellent centre-piece for the festive meal.

Free-range capon sold individually. available in a size range of 3 - 6kg. Simple select your preferred size from the drop down menu below.