Large free range duck

Large high-welfare, free-range duck, with giblets.

Fantastic for an indulgent roast. The succulent and richly flavoured dark meat is perfectly complimented by a sharp fruity sauce and an intense gravy made using the giblets. The fat and roasting juices will also help give you perfect crisp-edged and fluffy roast potatoes.

Alternatively why not pick up a knife and turn your hand to a bit of butchery to transform your whole duck into jointed pieces to make a range of meals. The breast fillets are delicious thinly sliced and served rare whilst the legs are great in casseroles or confit. You'll also end up with a carcass and giblets to make a rich stock or soup base.

We buy our free-range ducks in small batches and fresh-freeze them to ensure quality and freshness. They will be delivered frozen, and once unpacked can be returned to the freezer, or allowed to defrost thoroughly in the fridge before cooking. Once defrosted they can be treated as fresh and should be cooked within 5 days. Any meals cooked with the duck after it has ben defrosted are perfectly safe to refreeze

Average weight of each large free-range duck is 2.75kg

feeds 4-6



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  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Proper free range

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