Traditionally aged free-range bronze turkey

Stunning free-range bronze turkey from Appledore Farm in Kent.

At Garlic Wood we have sold Appledore turkeys every year since our first Christmas in business. This family-farm is dedicated to producing one product and producing it to the best of their ability. The turkeys are allowed to roam freely with access to plenty of open space on this large farm on Romney Marsh. The turkeys are allowed to grow slowly to full maturity fed on a natural wheat and vegetable diet, free of additives, drugs or growth promoters.

All Appledore Turkeys are dry-plucked and allowed to hang prior to packaging in order to allow the flavour to fully develop. The result of this care and attention in the rearing and production process is a high-welfare bird that is succulent, beautifully flavoured and guaranteed to make a fantastic centre-piece to any Christmas dinner.

Use our size chart below to work out what weight turkey you require based on the number of servings. Once you have decided on size simply select from the drop-down box to place your order.

All turkeys are sold in 1kg weight ranges, guaranteeing you a minimum weight (e.g. if you select an 8kg turkey the weight of your turkey will be a minimum of 8kg and a maximum of 8.99kg - but you will only be charged the 8kg price). Weight includes giblets - perfect for making proper gravy!

4kg 4-6 servings SOLD OUT

5kg 6-8 servings SOLD OUT

6kg 8-10 servings 

7kg 10-12 servings 

8kg 12-14 servings 

9kg 14-16 servings

10kg 16-18 servings

11kg 18-20 servings

Delivery and collection

Please note that turkeys are only available for Christmas pre-order. They are delivered fresh and are available for home delivery on Dec 21st and 22nd, or for collection between Dec 21st - 24th. For more details about delivery and collection for orders over the festive period please visit our Christmas page.


Currently available for Christmas pre-order only


  • Delivered Fresh

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Proper free range

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