Boneless lamb loin joint

Boneless rolled loin of Saddlescombe Farm lamb.

This is a roasting joint for a special occasion. Cut from the loin of our pasture-fed lamb free to roam and graze the flower-rich meadows of the South Downs National Park this joint is delicately flavoured and supremely tender. Best served rare and cooked simply to allow the natural flavour of the lamb to shine through.

Each rolled loin joint is cut to 1.4kg and serves 4-5 people

This product is supplied ‘fresh-frozen’. After allowing our lamb to dry-age for 7 days we butcher, pack and freeze it in small batches to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. After unpacking it can be returned straight to the freezer, or placed in the fridge and allowed to defrost thoroughly before cooking. Once defrosted it should be treated as fresh and cooked within 5 days. Any meal made with our frozen lamb is perfectly safe to freeze.



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  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Pasture-fed

  • Regeneratively farmed

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