Dry-cure black treacle collar bacon

Free-range collar bacon cured with black treacle

These days most bacon is cured using the loin or belly while many of the more unusual traditional bacon cuts are sadly falling out of favour. Collar bacon is one of these forgotten cuts. Cured from the shoulder muscle it has all the additional fat that gives it its characteristic appearance and flavour. The rashers are thick and meaty, dark-edged and infused with the smoky tobacco flavours of black treacle.

At Garlic Wood we hand cure all our own bacon using locally farmed free-range pork before drying and slicing as thick cut rind-on rashers. The result is bacon with a flavour and texture unlike anything else. You wont find any water or white residue in the pan when you cook our bacon, and the rasher will keep its shape rather than shrivelling away to nothing. 

This treacle-cure collar bacon is perfect for a luxurious bacon roll, between two slices of proper thick cut white bread and served with a cup of tea.

Sold in multiples of 250g (average 4-6 rashers)

This product is supplied frozen. We produce our treacle bacon in small batches before slicing and freezing it. Once delivered it can either be placed straight back into the freezer or allowed to defrost fully in the fridge. Once defrosted it should be consumed within 10 days.


Ingredients: min 90% free-range pork, sea salt, cane sugar, black treacle, preservative E250. allergens in bold


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  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

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