Pasture-fed beef and bone marrow steak burgers

The ultimate steak burger!

We hand-make and hand-press all our steak burgers using 100% pasture-fed dry-aged beef. We only ever use ground chuck steak, rump steak and trimmed brisket to give them the perfect balance between tender lean meat and the natural fats required to make a moist and well-flavoured burger. We think good beef should speak for itself - so to season our burgers we simply add a small amount of sea salt, cracked black pepper and the all important beef bone-marrow to give a rich depth of flavour when cooked.

Our steak burgers contain no rusk and no artificial preservative. In order to ensure they always reach our customers in the best condition we fresh-freeze them in packs of 4 immediately after they are made. They are despatched as a frozen item and can either be returned to the freezer on unpacking or placed in the fridge and allowed to defrost naturally. Once defrosted they should be kept refrigerated and consumed within 5days.

Our hand-pressed sea salt, black pepper and bone marrow steak burgers are sold in packs of four. 600g pack weight


Ingredients: Min 95% dry-aged beef, salt, cracked black pepper, bone marrow. Allergens in bold.


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  • 100% natural

  • Delivered Frozen

  • Ethically reared

  • Low impact packaging

  • Pasture-fed

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