5kg Wild-Range Knepp Castle Tamworth Pork Box



This is a unique opportunity to sample truly ‘wild-range’ pork from the fantastic Knepp Castle re-wilding project in West Sussex. These Tamworth pigs roam free across the estate in natural family groups foraging seasonally available food. Because of the unique way they are reared they are only available in very small numbers availability is limited. This year’s pigs are expected to be available from 1st December 2017 so any order placed will be confirmed by return email and then held until the pork is ready to be dispatched.

This 5kg selection contains a range of wild-range Tamworth roasting joints, chops, steaks and mince. Because the pork comes from pigs that are slow-maturing and 100% forage-fed the meat is well-marbled, beautifully flavoured and guaranteed to crackle perfectly every time!

Photo is for illustration only and does not show full contents of featured box.

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5 kg wild-range Tamworth pork selection box contents (individual weights and sizes are approximate):

  • 2 pork chops – 600g
  • 4 pork steaks – 800g
  • 1 boneless rolled shoulder joint – 1kg
  • 1 boneless rolled leg joint – 1kg
  • 2 belly slices – 600g
  • diced lean pork – 500g
  • Wild Range Tamworth Pork, Sage and Thyme sausages – 500g


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