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At the heart of everything we do is a simple pride in producing food of the highest quality. We love it when someone takes the time to come back and tell us that the meat they bought from us reminded them exactly how real food can, and should, taste.
This pride in the quality of our produce is underpinned by our belief that farming and the rearing of livestock can be done in harmony with, and for the benefit of, the natural environment. By striving to work with producers and farmers who select traditional breeds well-suited to their grazing habitat we ensure that a natural balance is maintained between high-quality livestock rearing and the conservation of farmed habitats. Much of the farming of our key partner producers is managed as part of schemes to increase biodiversity and to maintain the flora and fauna of designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest, nature reserves, and pioneering environmental-stewardship schemes.

Whether it is 100% pasture-fed 'wild-range' beef from the Knepp Castle Wildland project or lamb from the flower-rich meadows of the South Downs we believe the best produce comes from native livestock breeds allowed to mature slowly and with as much access to a natural diet as possible. Not only is this ethos ethically sound, but it is borne out in the quality of the final product.

Our Meat

We source our meat from a range of producers who share our dedication to tradition, quality and sustainability. We're committed to supporting farmers who are working to conserve our traditional breeds and to farming in harmony with their environment. It is a privilege to have access to produce of this quality and in turn we believe it is our duty as butchers to treat it with the respect and care it deserves in order to produce the highest quality meat for our customers.  

Key to our butchery ethos is the traditional technique of dry-ageing beef prior to butchery. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that many modern large-scale processors simply don't bother with, but one which is key to allowing the full depth of flavour to develop. We dry-age all our beef on the bone for at least 28days. We believe nothing compares to the experience of sharing a cut of slow-matured, grass-fed, native-breed beef that has been properly dry-aged and expertly prepared.

This commitment to quality runs through everything we produce. We believe in whole-carcase butchery allowing us to hand-make all our own sausages and burgers on-site using prime cuts of meat of the same quality and provenance as our joints and steaks. We cure a range of our own bacon flavours and produce our own cider honey & juniper-cured gammons.

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