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Ours is a story of what you can do when you take a passion and turn it into the day job! Our family's interest in farming for conservation began with a small herd of pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigs reared for the sheer pleasure of helping to preserve our native breeds and to produce high-quality artisan produce for ourselves and our friends.  Our own herd quickly grew to well over 50 pigs and with the addition of Southdown sheep and a partnership to graze our Highland cattle on a National Trust nature reserve we soon found ourselves with enough produce to start selling commercially, naming ourselves 'Garlic Wood' after the Wild Garlic carpeted woodland on our farmland. As demand grew we moved from farmers markets and box sales to the opening of our shop and the beginnings of our event catering business. At this point we decided to seek other like-minded producers who shared our ethos but farmed on a larger scale - thereby allowing us to widen our range of produce and to ensure consistency of supply.

As Garlic Wood has grown our own farming enterprise has returned to being the small-scale 'hobby' that it started out as but we never forget how and, more importantly, why we started out on this journey. Everything we do, from our butchers shop to our butchery courses, and our private event catering, is underpinned by a simple belief in the importance of provenance, sustainability, and quality. It is our aim that this commitment is reflected in the experience every one of our customers has when dealing with Garlic Wood.



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